Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sea World

Gage feeding the Sting Rays

Our Fam!

My cute little boy!

My other cute little boy!

While in Florida we went to Sea World. The boys loved it! The only downside was it totally poured rain, I am talking typhoon. We got soaked. I really was wishing I had on a different t-shirt, I know I would have won the wet t-shirt contest, for sure.


Kilgore's said...

CUTE!!! I wouldn't want to go up against you in a wet t-shirt contest---butt kisser!!

Natalie Service said...

Did someone say Wet T-shirt Contest?
I'm there! Me and my girls win every time! I'm not sure what you would win at a wet t-shirt contest?! LOL!

Ok fine! You're boobs are huge. Mine are small. You're cute. I'm ugly. You're skinny. I'm fat. You're right. I'm wrong!

AND, your kids are adorable!