Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Grand Haven

Jeremy, Jamie, Coby, Corbin, Tiffany, Natalie, Ian, Gage, Adam, Talon and me

Coby Rich and Adam

Ian Service and Talon

Tiffany Rich, Jamie Joyal (my sister), me and Natalie Service

We spent the day at Lake Michigan. Good Times!


McGinnis Family said...

Wow! What a bunch of hotties! You guys & gals look great! It also looks like you had a blast! How freakin' fun!!!

Jill said...

It should be illegal to have that many "hotties" in one place!

Kilgore's said...

It looks so beautiful there-especially with that group! I hope it was tons of fun!

Kilgore's said...

P.S. It was nice of those people to let Adam pose by their pyramid.

Lindsay Bangart said...

I don't know there missy...it seems to me that you have quite the palether...peleth...pa...quite a bit of trips on your schedule as well! I'm not the only one doing a bit of traveling. Quit trying to sell your kids to us! :)