Tuesday, September 19, 2006

First Day of School

Gage and some of his friends at school

The traditional kid-on-the-front-porch-with-his-backpack-on picture!

Today was Gage's first day of school. This year he is in afternoon school, which starts at 1:00pm, which makes for a long day when your kids get up at 7:00am. Gage was ready for school at 7:30 am this morning. He came into our room this morning to tell me, "I am so sited for my first day of school."


Natalie Service said...

Well, if that first pictures show how "sited" he was, then WOW he looks overlysited! About as sited as I am when I think of school!

Jill said...

So cute! I love it! Tell Gage we are sited for him to come to Chicago!

Kilgore's said...