Monday, September 11, 2006

I need a NAP!

Looking for leaves for an art project

Decorating Cookies

Gage is in a playgroup on Mondays. We hosted this week. What is harder than six four-year-olds you ask? I will tell you, one two-year old. In two hours Talon was found standing on the table hanging from the chandelier, taking off his diaper running around in the nude and putting cookie decorations in my candles. Needless to say I needed a nap after everyone left.


Jill said...

I am sorry, but I can't stop laughing You deserve a nap honey. Actually, you deserve a VACATION! When are we going????

McGinnis Family said...

Fun time for the kids! Exhausting time for you! Phew! What a day!!!

Kilgore's said...

Did someone say vacation!?! I am there with you! Just tell me when and where!

P.S. Gage is right by that little girl in the purple in both pictures. I hope it is just coincedence!