Monday, September 04, 2006


This weekend we were over at some friends house for a BBQ. Gage had never had Doritos before. (for those who know me well, know why)
Lets put it this way Doritos are to Gage like Hershey Nuggets are to me. He could not get enough. He grabbed a handful for the car ride home. I overheard Gage say to Talon, "Want a REE-TOE?" Then handed Talon a Dorito. Then Gage said, "Can you say REE-TOE, REEEEEE-TOOOOOOOE?"


Kilgore's said...

Here I thought we were such good friends and I knew you so well. All along I was wrong. I don't have a clue why you don't like Ree-toes. I am going to go cry myself to sleep.

p.s. Darling pic!!

Jill said...

Hey, Neither do I! Share the ree-toe story! Share the ree-toe story!

Schroed's said...

I am anal and don't buy messy snacks! There is nothing worse than orange finger prints all over the house.