Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tigers are going to the WORLD SERIES!

Tina and Chris

We went with some friends to game 4 of th ALCS. The Tigers won with a walk off homerun and now are going to the World Series. The Tigers hit 3 homeruns and they were all hit were we were sitting. Detroit fans are CRAZY! I mean CRAZY! It was awesome! We had a blast!


McGinnis Family said...

What a bunch of hotties!!!! You should be their mascots!

Jill said...

I am really over baseball because it is keeping "Prison Break" off the air for another week.
ENOUGH about that...yea Detroit! And I agree you guys look great!

Lindsay Bangart said...

Go Diamondbacks!!

Kilgore's said...

It looks like you had the GREATEST time at the Tiger's Game last night! I know you said you've been to a couple Tiger's games before but don't remember ever having much fun. I bet it was seriously a BLAST! Tina and Chris look like a great addition to the Michigan gang! I totally wish we could have been there with you!

P.S. Love the garb!!!

Anonymous said...

First, BOOOOOOOOOOOO Diamondbacks. Second, I'm jealous you guys got to see a real team play. I guess there's always next season for the Brewers.

Schroed's said...

Hey Anoymous...I know who you are! So watch it!

Brianne said...

First, Go Diamondbacks-just to spite The Big Unit and the rest of the All-star can't win the world series with their 200 million payrole Yankees.
Second Go Tigers! It would be nice to see a team who hasn't even made the play-offs since the mid 80's win it. (Just make sure you stay indoors for a couple of days if they do win).
And third-Go Buzz, I mean Stingers, I mean Bees! Oh wait they aren't even in the majors. I can't imagine why. I am sick of borrowing another city's team to cheer for!
P.S. Yes Adam-Jake is proud!