Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cobblestone Farm

Churning butter

Dressed as a pioneer

Learning about the olden days

Gage had a fieldtrip today at Cobblestone Farm. They taught the kids about things they did in the olden days. They dressed them up like pioneers and gave them chores to do. They fed the animals and then finished up with a cornbread snack. Then I taught my son to appreciate modern day convience and took him to Target. It was a rough day.


Brianne said...

Handsome boy! I sure am glad we live in the modern times!

Jill said...

TC! Good pictures, you are on your way to becoming a professional!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie..he could model for baby gap and then you would really do some shopping..with a discount of course:) Melissa

Anonymous said...

Who is that cute pink striped girl beside Gage all the time? He sure looks studly in the western wear! She can't help but watch him churn butter!! He's too cute!