Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Miracle

I would like to first start off by thanking Milton, Milton Hershey that is. Milton Hershey is the founder of Hershey Chocolate Factory. A moment of silence please. Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with Hershey Nuggets ( I mean OB-SESSED). I have been known to get many a friend hooked on Nuggets.

Let me tell a story. A story about a Christmas Miracle that happened to a wonderful friend of mine, Bri Kilgore. A couple months ago my dear husband surprised with a bag of Hershey Nuggets, like he so often does. This was not an ordinary bag of Nuggets, it was a Limited Edition Toasted Coconut and Toffee Nuggets. They are to die for! So like any good friend I had Adam take a bag with him on a business trip to Chicago to give to Jake to give to Bri. Jake arrived back home to Utah about midnight I got a text around 2:00 am EST. I don't remember exactly what it said, but she was pretty happy! The next few days I received several calls from Bri about the joy this little bag of Nuggets brought her. Then as soon as they came into her life they were gone. Bri searched high and low in Utah for these Nuggets, but with no avail. She even got online and tried to order some, no luck. One day I got a phone call from Bri, dead serious, she said, "I need you to go to the store and buy every bag they have." Anyone who know Bri knows when this girl wants something...

The first part of December we get a phone call from Jake saying, "I need you to send me 10 bags of Nuggets." Bri told Jake all she wanted for Christmas was a stocking full of Nuggets. So of course being the good friends that we are (and of course lets not forget the fact that Jake is Adam's boss) we mailed him 10 bags of Nuggets. It was a covert operation and completely TOP SECRET. Bri, of course, did not stop asking about the Nuggets. I even went as far to tell her they did not sell them anymore. She then asked me if I asked the people at the store if they were going to get anymore?(Freak!)

Do you Believe? Lets just say on Christmas morning it was a Christmas Miracle when Bri looked into her stocking!
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Kilgore's said...


Btw, I am still laughing because I really was persistant and I can just picture you getting frustrated and wanting me to just shut up already!

Ian N. Service said...

Both of you are freaks and you guys need help - like checking into C.N.A Rehab. (Chocolate Nugs Anonomous) -
Intervention is looming - beaware.

Jill said...

LOL! That is hilarious! Ok, when I first saw the picture and title I thought I had logged on to Bri's blog and that she was announcing a pregnancy! But I should've known it was about treats instead!

Kilgore's said...

I do look kinda prego in that picture! Nope, I guess the nuggets are catching up with me. Brit-couldn't you have found a better picture!?!

Ian-you just wish you had a stocking full of Toasted Coconut Toffe Nuggets on Christmas morning! Don't hate!!

Hewlett's said...

Ya know, this doesn't even shock me that Bri wanted chocolate for Christmas!! Bri, remember how I said you always share your treats? Well I hope this means your nuggets as well!!!