Thursday, January 11, 2007

101 Things About Me

I usually don't steal other peoples material, but I have seen this on several blogs and loved reading them.

1. I have lived in over 30 states
2. I graduated Cum Laude from college
3. I am the dumbest one in my family
4. I lived in Scotland when I was a little girl
5. I love to exercise
6. I went to Oprah
7. I think my little sister is beautiful
8. My toenails are always painted
9. I love Hershey Nuggets
10.I love being a mom
11. I want to go back to school and become a nurse
12. I love to drive in the car and eat ice cream
13. I ran a marathon
14. I was a nanny for the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers
15. I had braces on my legs when I was small
16. I had a stillborn baby girl
17. I love my in-laws
18. I am scared of birds
19. My dad can build anything
20.I had my two front teeth knocked out by a softball
21. I don't know what my natural hair color is
22. I love crystallized honey
23. I think my husband is so hot
24. I love to shop for my boys
25. I do my kids hair every single day
26. I make my bed everyday
27. I talk on the phone every day to my friends
28. I love to Wake board
29. I have chocolate milk for breakfast every day
30. I love to see my kids laugh
31. I love math and science
32. I hate when my car is dirty
33. I have been to Brazil
34. I love the smell of wet dirt
35. I love to ride horses
36. I love to meet new people
37. I don't like dishonesty
38. I have broke my collar bone
39. My middle name is Jo
40. I don't eat french fries
41. I clean my washing machine and dryer
42. I love McDonald cheeseburgers
43. I love to read self-help books
44. I want to be a better person
45. I am not sentimental
46. I go grocery shopping with my husband
47. I don't like to cook
48. I love the Savior
49. I don't care about my birthday
50. I stay in touch with every good friend I have ever made
51. I am a morning person
52. I can't drink soda from the can or bottle
53. I never get sick
54. I am forgiving
55. I never watch TV in the day
56. I have a gay boyfriend
57. I go on vacation every year
58. I love taking naps on Sunday
59. I love to clean
60. I don't like to vacuum the stairs
61. I talk to Adam on the phone at least 5 times a day
62. My favorite color is blue
63. I like to eat off my husbands plate
64. I love to laugh so hard I cackle
65. I have to have chocolate everyday
66. I like to pinch my kids hands
67. I love to have sleepovers
68. I have to have closure
69. I love to roller skate with my little sister
70. I am very competitive
71. I won't pop other people's zits
72. I love getting mail
73. I have secrets I have never told
74. I have self diagnosed adult A.D.D
75. I will spit out a piece of chocolate if it doesn't have nuts in it
76. I think my family is freakin hilarious
77. I drive like a grandma
78. I am a personal trainer
79. I love getting pedicures
80.I love Adam's ears
81. I love to shop
82. I never carry cash
83. I write letters if I am not happy about a service
84. I love spreadsheets
85. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister
86. I am not judgemental
88. I give people the benefit of the doubt
89. I never leave anyone out
90. I love old people
91. I want to be more like my husband
92. I am a multi-tasker, in fact I am a multi-tasker to the 3rd power
93. I am a good friend
94. I love to give surprises
95. I am outspoken
96. I like to use slut and ho as terms of endearment
97. I think my kids are the cutest kids in the world
98. I like to build other people's self-esteem
99. I don't like hot chocolate
100.I think salsa smells like body odor
101. I think it appropriate to use a cuss word when telling a good story


Jill said...

We must be good friends...because I learned NOTHING new about you by reading this! That is a compliment BTW.

I laughed out loud at #83!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You did it. 101 things about yourself with no mention of your Wrangler wearing days! Oops, did I just say that out loud? ;)

Brianne said...

You are good. I have been working on mine for about ten days. I don't know if I'll ever get done!

I have to say #75 is a big fat lie. If not, you owe me a hell of a lot of bags of the toasted coconut toffee nuggets!!!

Schroed's said...

Watch it "Arm Smeller"!

Ian N. Service said...

Salsa smells like BO? I have never noticed.

So. . . what if you eat A LOT of salsa?
(Am I the stinky kid?)

Natalie Service said...

Well your toenails might always be painted, but I think it's to hide that dead one of yours! And Hello - Adams ears - have you still not noticed?
I absolutely got a kick out of this list! It made me love you even more!

Rick and Kara said...

Love it! How fun...and how long did it take you to think of all of these things?

Sarah said...

I read through that whole long list hoping to find out what camera you luck. I am in the market for a nicer new one, so can you clue me in? I love your photography....

Megan said...

30 states?!! Michigan has been your fav, right? Love the list and plan to send my Adam over to tell you a few good ol' stories with a few choice words!

Karinne said...

That was impressive! However, as much as I love you, we officially have nothing in common because of #17 (gotta love Danny's mom), #26 (what's the point if no one's coming over?), and #40 (this is a given). I learned almost nothing new...except that I miss you!