Friday, February 02, 2007


Gage had his first basketball game tonight. I won't go as far as saying he is the best one, or the the sixth best (there is 7 on his team), but I will say he is the cutest one. It was comedy. The highlight of the game is when Gage went up and blew the ref's whistle. Maybe we should stick with wrestling?


Kilgore's said...

I bet he is the cutest one on the team!!!

Megan said...

How funny! Is he going to be one of those boys that never gets the ball passed to him (just kidding)? My ballerina little sister was on my YW basketball team and I would never give her the ball unless I got "That Look" from my father on the sidelines. Then I knew that I had to pass her the ball. Nobody would guard her since she was so bad. There was actually one game where I had to steal the ball away from her because she couldn't find anyone open to pass it to. Too bad I think my Katie will end up being a ballerina - yuck! Don't worry. By the end of the season, I'm sure Gage will be the star player!!

Anonymous said...

What ever he's not the best, I totally think he's going to be the next stockton . . .you just need to find him his malone. stacy