Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Hope, Kristen, me
(Hope and I look like amazons next to Kristen, she is super short)
This weekend I came out of retirement to run in a 5K in Lansing. My friend Hope pushed her 3 year old twin boys in a jog stroller and I could barely keep up. I offered to push and after about 20 steps I gave them back. Can you say OUT-OF-SHAPE?
My TC friend Kristen is such an inspiration to me. She has had two beautiful baby boys die from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (both 6 months old). Kristen and her family help organize and raise money for the SMA foundation every year. We ran around a lake and there were pictures of babies/children who have died from SMA around the trail . It was a tough day. I know it is hard for Kristen, but she is such an awesome person. I truly admire people who have something tragic happen to them, but in turn try and make the world a better place because of it.
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Karinne said...

Hmmm, Kristen sounds like someone else I know.... :)
I love you and miss you!! Bravo for doing, yet another, good deed for other people.

McGinnis Family said...

oH MY HECK!!!! If you are out of shape then I should be dead right now!

Good job, by the way! Another impressive thing done by Brittni!

Rick and Kara said...

Congrats on coming out again. I admire anyone who can run more than 2 miles at all! That ought to tell you how running motivated I am (not)!