Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Wedding

Gage and Olivia (my brothers daughter)

Mac and Jesi

The flowergirls

Gage and my mom

Mac and my nieces

The studly ring bearers

The wedding was gorgeous. I was sick a majority of the time I was in Utah. The day of the wedding I lost my voice. I am normally not much of a talker anyway so you can imagine it wasn't that big of a deal for me!!!


Jimi said...

Their wedding was gorgeous, I love the little girls dresses!!! And your boys are going to be major hotties when the grow up, because they already are!

McGinnis Family said...

Wow! How beautiful, gorgeous, and amazing!!! Her wedding dress, not to mention herself, was AMAZING!!!! Gage and Talon look so handsome and adorable all dressed up in their tux's! I love it!

Kilgore's said...

LOVE the pics! I am glad everything went so well. Ha Ha Ha on your last sentence...and where are the pics of you in your beautiful dress!?!

Marcae said...

Hey Brittney....what a small world. I had no idea your husband & Nate work for the same company. How's everything going? By the way....your boys are DARLING!!!

Jill said...

PRETTY! Nice photo skillz! I want to see pics of you in your dress too!