Sunday, July 08, 2007

When Natalie and Ian come to play

Adam and Ian took Gage and Talon golfing. Gage fell out of the golf cart and cracked his melon. He was mad because he had to come home and only got to do 9 holes instead of 18 holes. (That is blood on his shirt)

We played Pictionary, a classic. Boys against girls. We were the blue the boys were red. Natalie and I couldn't stop laughing. Partly because it was 2:00 am and partly because we SCHOOLED the boys.

Natalie, being the good friend that she is, made me window treatments. She is the best!

We finished off the weekend with a BBQ/picnic. We love the Services!


Sarah said...

Awww, Poor Gage! Oww! Natalie looks so cute at the sewing machine! I can't wait to see the finished window treatments!

Natalie Service said...

First, because Gage got DUMPED from the cart! That's funny, right?!
Second, because our game of Pictionary was such a joke! I mean, seriously, Adam drew a turkey with eyelashes...and he expected Ian to guess "blister"! LOL!!
Third, I'm one hell of a seamstress! I'm going to make some huge money in the margins with my sewing job on the side!
Forth, seriously, do any of us look good in that picnic picture? NO! Delete it!

Great post!! I got a good laugh out of it!

Natalie Service said...

Miles is going to be so ticked that you got window treatments before he did!

Kilgore's said...

It always seems to be an adventure with the Services...Nat, you better come to Canton when we come out there!

Jimi said...

Hey I'm wondering when Natalie will be visiting Payson, UT? I am in serious need of some window treatments!!

Jill said...

seriously i can't take gage getting hurt anymore. DO NOT PUT HIM IN WRESTLING :)

Lindsay, Keith and Hannah said...

As much as I love looking at Gage's bloody head each time I check your blog in vein, I'm gonna need to see some new material.