Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Party like a 3 year old ROCKSTAR!

We make our kids wear shirts and ties to open their birthday presents!
(Talon's birthday was on Sunday)

I was hoping one of the perks of having two boys is hand-me-downs. No such luck! Talon is left handed. He needed his own left-handed golf clubs.

Adam makes a birthday cake for the boys every year. We kept asking Talon what kind of cake he wanted and he was adamant that he wanted a "YELLOW" cake so....

We had a Halloween/Costume/Birthday Party. I didn't get many pictures because:
10 - 3 year olds
10 - 3 year olds in costumes
10 - 3 year olds hyped up on cake and ice cream



Jill said...

Sweet cake! Very clever!

Megan said...

Love the yellow cake! I hope you got to sleep for 10 hours after the party! You are so brave! Emily wants me to say "Hi" to Talon for her. We love Talon!

Kate Rosenvall said...

Such handsome boys. How cute is that cake?? I must say you have a very talented hubby :)

Lacey said...

I don't bake! Nate's still talking about that stuffed french toast your hubby made! How cute that he has his own little golf clubs!

Natalie Service said...

That's a great picture of you and Talon! Funny cake - very creative!

Kilgore's said...
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Whitney, Elliot, & Stella said...

I may just be the slowest one of the Anderson sisters, but I'm having an internal argument with myself . . . does the cake say "YELLOW" or "TALON"? My eyes tell me that it's both . . . help a sister out. Am I really that slow?