Monday, December 10, 2007

A package from the North Pole

We got a package left on our front door from the North Pole.

Christmas aprons and a gingerbread house. How did Santa know it was Family Home Evening?

The boys ate more than they used.

We will be lucky if it is not half eaten by Christmas!


McGinnis Family said...

Dude! When are you going to open up your photography business! Seriously! You're photo's are awesome!!!!

I got tagged again so guess who else is getting tagged now??? YOU!!!! Only if you have time!

Sarah said...

Awww! So cute! Santa is so dang smart!

Megan said...

I love the red aprons! Santa is so good, he doesn't even need your home address!

Kate Rosenvall said...

What a darling idea. Those boys have such a great Mommy!

Lacey said...

Tell Santa that the Lairds didn't recieve their package yet!! JK I've got one, but we haven't had time to do it! That's such a cute idea. I'll have to do that when Mads gets a little older. I did the Christmas book thing when I taught Kindergarten and the kids absolutely loved it.

Heidi Louise said...

So we've never met... but I just wanted to say Hi! Maybe next time you come to Utah we can finally meet. I feel like I know you because Bri talks about you so much. And did you copy my blog since I am "Good Times with Heidi Louise"? LOL

When you say your boys ate more than they used... did you mean your husband also? LOL

Tara said...

Britt.. I am back into the blogging world... It is a love/hate relationship for me! Anyway, My dad's new CD is amazing. I play it ALL the time. Literally. He is the sweetest thing ever! Do you still talk to Pam or something??? I just love her! DO you keep in touch with very many people from the great town of Delta? I have not been to that place in years! I don't really miss it though!!! I am so glad you found me though. You have a WAY cute family. I love your family pic. so sweet. You look so good, too! You HOT mama!
Oh, email me and I will get your address so I can mail you a CD.