Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Sara!

Happy Birthday Sara! I want to start by saying I am sorry I have no good pictures of Sara and I together (we need to get on that). Today is one of my best friends, Sara's, birthday. Sara was the first friend that I made when I moved to Michigan. She is married to Adam's cousin, but I have only known her for 4 and half years. Sara and I have all these quirky things in common to name a few:
*She has a daughter named Taylor Schroeder, so do I
*Gage was born on her husbands birthday
*Her son Logan was born on my birthday
*Talon was born on her anniversary
*We have been training for a marathon for 10 years and both ran our first marathon a couple years ago
*Our best friends from college are both Dental Hygienist
*We LOVE to exercise and call each other about 3 times a week to tell the other what we did at the gym that day
There is a lot more but I won't bore you. There are NOT too many people that I would give up chocolate for. Happy Birthday Sara! I love you!
Seriously is it Easter yet?!? So after three days of headaches and severe mood swings, I gave in and had a Diet Coke. I still haven't had any chocolate though. And to add insult to injury around every corner are those little devil girl scouts selling cookies!


McGinnis Family said...

Wow! No chocolate??? I'm very impressed! I'll make sure to eat lots of girl scout cookies on your behalf! :) LOL!


mmmmm....thin mints......

Lacey said...

That's great! Wow! I'm very impressed : )

thejohnsonbunch said...


Is this really Brittni Hoelzle>
Wowzer. What has been going on? Good to hear from you. This is Cody Johnson, I just saw your comment on our blog. Crazy, how did you find our blog? Where do you live now? I haven't seen Mac forever, I kept trying to get him to hang out when we moved to Provo, but we are both pretty busy. Well good to hear from you. I hope things are going well. Your little boys look like studs.