Thursday, June 12, 2008

My baby is on "ROIDS"

Adam took the boys camping a couple weekends ago. Gage and Talon both got poison ivy in the worst way. Talon's was not clearing up, so I finally took him to the doctor. The doctor decided to put him on steroids. The doctor warned me that he might be aggressive and grouchy! Talon is already going through something right now, so I chuckled to myself. So now every time Talon is a stinker Adam and I say, "ITS THE ROIDS". I don't know what we will blame when he is finished with the medication. Maybe we can find an anger management program for 3 years olds.


Ryan & Melanie said...

If you find a class let me know so I can sign Jack up too! Ha Ha :)

McGinnis Family said...

Maybe we can get a 2 for 1 if we take him and Connor with us to the anger management program!

Ian N. Service said...

Sign him up for baseball! ROID-Rage is cool for MLB, why not 3 year-olds?
Who knows? Maybe he can give ol'Barry Bond's record a run for the money.

Poison Ivy does suck. Especially on a long run - no bathroom in sight - no T.P. to be had. Ouch! (So I've heard . . .)