Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another end to soccer season

Talon just had his last soccer game.  He loved that he could finally play like his dad and big brother. He scored 4 goals at his last game, but was most excited that he got a "medal".  I am glad he can put ALL that aggression towards something positive.


Natalie Service said...

You know there is a proud Uncle Ian over here! GOOD GAME and GREAT SEASON Talon!!!
Gosh, Britt - he looks like such a natural!

sara said...

I am so jealous that his soccer games are over!! He does look like a pro and scoring 4 goals I think they should move him up a division.lol

Anonymous said...

Wrestling is even better for aggression.

Melissa said...

Hey Brittni-Its Melissa Neddo. You guys are looking good! And holy cow what kind of camera do you have? I remember you taking pictures of the YW fashion show, but these pics are amazing! Seriously let me know how I can be so good!