Saturday, August 19, 2006

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Just wanted to give an update on my marathon training. Today I got up at 5:45am to run 15 miles. I was meeting a friend, so when I woke up to rain this morning I couldn't back out. It rained the whole entire time. I was soaked. Because of the rain my shoes and socks were soaked and I was sliding around in my shoes, resulting in some nice blisters on the back of my feet. I didn't realize how bad the blisters were until I took off my shoes and the entire back part of the shoe was covered in blood. Now that is dedication. GIRL POWER!


Jill said...

Seriously, it's going to take a lot more blood, sweat and tears if you want to keep up with me in the marathon!

Ohhh.... it's on! :)

Kilgore's said...

While I was reading this, before I got to the end, I was thinking "Now that is dedication". And sure enough the next sentence was just that. Great minds think alike!

Ian N. Service said...

Nice work Britt! I mean the run, not the whole bloody shoe thing. I saw the blood before I read your experience and knew you had some nice blisters. "Pain is temporary, glory is forever."
I ran my long run last night - 10 miles - but, no rain. Keep it up!!

Natalie Service said...
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Natalie Service said...

Are you a fool?!?! 15 miles with bloody blisters just to show you are Woman of the Year? Come on! You've already got Mother of the Year in the bag. Let someone else win Woman of the Year!
I always say:
if there is sweat, you're working too hard.
if there are tears then it's just that time of the month.
if there is blood then...same as above.

Well since you really did it - NICE JOB! I'm impressed! You are going to do an incredible job in Chicago! And I promise I will have fresh water for you at the finish line!

Anonymous said...

Go team Brit! amaze me. I would have stopped turned around and dialed for a cab. Keep on running babe. Melissa