Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jelly Belly Factory

Brooke and Jill

Gage and Jamie

Okay, lets talk about this. What is wrong with us? While in Wisconsin we visited the Jelly Belly Factory. The tour ended and we migrated to the gift shop. The shop had a Sample Bar, a designated area to sample all the flavors. The slightly demented people that we are, we gravitated towards the Harry Potter Jelly Beans. We began with the Rotten Egg Jelly Belly. Within seconds of tasting I found myself hovered over the garbage can. YUCK! Very attractive I am sure. You would think we would have moved on, but no it did not end there. We kept sampling the disgusting flavors. Seriuosly, who tastes booger flavored jelly bellies?


Our Blog said...

That is a darling blog..I heard you had a wonderful time. Love the hats!!! Melissa

Jill said...

My favorite was the "Vomit" flavor. Yummy!

Lindsay Bangart said...

Oh my...I just threw up a little in my mouth! Natalie always painted a picture of you being so delicate and dainty...you're right out digusting! But you look cute so that's ok!

Natalie Service said...

Hope you didn't have to pay for those booger jelly bellys, because if it's just the taste you're going for, I know where you can get some for free!

YES, I can picture it now...you spitting and dry heeving over a trash can! I've seen you spit out perfectly good chocolate nuggets because you got one with NO nuts in it! You're a weird one, but that's why I love you!

Kilgore's said...

That brings back some bad memories. My little brother gave me that same rotten egg jb, when I was pregnant, and told me it was a fruit flavor. Being the trusting person I am I popped it right in. Needless to say it came up along with my dinner we had just finished. Not to mention about 2 other dinners, days later, just thinking about the flavor. It still gives me chills to think about.

p.s. I am still bitter about the peach and raspberry jb's I never recieved!