Sunday, March 18, 2007

Health Exploration Center

The ear

Gage sliding out of the large intestine. That would make him a _______? (scientifically speaking, of course)
Gage had a field trip to the Health Exploration Center. They learned all about their bodies. They learned about what is good and bad for our bodies. According to Gage chocolate is not healthy. This is news to me.


Brianne said...

News to me too! Don't worry, he is still young enough to brain wash!

corinne olsen said...

chocolate IS healthy, it comes from a bean, and sugar comes from a cane, all good things.

Rick and Kara said...

Rick has shown me just how sugar works, and chocolate is, of course, made with sugar. Sugar is essentially turned into energy, therefore chocolate is for giving us energy. Tell Gage that, and you won't even have to lie. (Of course you already know this since you're basically a health major!)

McGinnis Family said...

I love, love, love your new background of the blog!!!!