Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Me and Jill

Me and Brianne

The Girls

The Fellas

My baby!

We just got back from California. I am so lucky because I get to see my friends every few months and we call it "work". Let me tell you about what great friends I have. Bri and Jill picked us up from the airport and before our luggage was even in the car they both handed me a handful of Nuggets...now that is LOVE! We always have a blast when we all get together.
Good Food
Good Friends
Good Dancing


The Laird Family said...

Great! You found us. It was fun and now it's back to the rat race.
Stay in touch.

Kilgore's said...

A#1 Am I in trouble or something?
A#2 Who took the awesome picture of you and Adam?
A#3 Dang we are hot!
A#4 I love you and miss you!

Jill said...

Seriously all Orbit job postings should have one of the listed requirements be that your wife must be totally HOT!

Sarah said...

Great Pics!! You look great! I love your hair! Looks like you got Chi back. :-)

Brianne said...


Rick and Kara said...

Very cute pictures! You and Adam look so great kissing here...so in love...!

Megan said...

Get a room all ready you two! Looks like you had a great time! We're glad you're back!