Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Holiday M&M's

Why do you taunt me? Why are you at every end cap in Target? Why are you a new color every time I turn around? Why are so pretty? Why are you always on sale? Why do I eat a whole bag in 2 days? Why do you look so good in my car, in my cupboard, in my purse? Why can I not walk away?
I am such a sucker for Holiday M&M's!


Jimi said...

Have you seen the cute new bags of JUST GREEN M&M's, way tempting!!!

Heidi Louise said...

Have you ever personalized your M&M's? That is when you know you have a real problem.

mandy said...

that is so funny. now put the m&m's down!!!! i just want to thank you so much for training me!!!!

Sarah said...

me too