Thursday, January 17, 2008

Love these Girls

There is a section in the Detroit Free Press that did a piece on girlfriends. We had a baby shower for a couple of my girlfriends in my running club. We did a brunch. My awesome husband made omelets for everyone.


Natalie Service said...

AWESOME! Looks like a fun bunch of friends.
And...I need to see more pictures of your newly decorated basement!

Jimi said...

How fun is that!!! BTW where do you shop?! You are always dressed so cute! Exclamation point overload, sorry!!!!!

Heidi Louise said...

How fun! Can I have your autograph? LOL

I don't even know Jimi... but I agree with you always looking cute. Where do you shop?

Lacey said...

It's great to be invovled in clubs. So my husband still to this day cannot figure out how Adam made those omelets so good. He keeps trying and still gets so it the pan, what does the man do??