Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Turtle Cove

We met some friends at the new water park, Turtle Cove, by our house.  Gage was a little bummed out that he couldn't go down the big water slides because he wasn't 48 inches.  The boy has no FEAR.  The boys had a blast!


Mi Piace said...

Wow, you take GREAT pictures. If it's not you and it's just your camera quality, let me know what camera! ...but i'm sure it's just you!

Your boys are such studs!

Congratulations on the soon to be baby girl! That is so awesome!!!

Rick and Kara said...

Water is the best, funnest thing little boys can do, right? I'm not surprised Talon is fearless...he got it from watching his big brother! Cute pix!