Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's hot....really hot

What do you want to know about El Paso, TX? It is HOT! Most days either start or end in swimsuits. It has only been about 2 weeks, but I love it here. It kind of feels like we are on vacation. We have palm trees in our backyard, eat a bazillion popsicles a day, my kids are getting pretty brown and I am sunburned.

We are really close to Mexico. I mean CLOSE. When you are driving on the freeway on one side you see El Paso and on the other you see Mexico. It is really quite interesting and I have yet to talk Adam into letting me walk over to Mexico to take some pictures.

The kids are loving it here. They have made tons of friends, so really what else is there when you are a kid?

our little peanut looking like a rugrat right after a trip to the splash park

Isn't Gage looking more sophisticated these days? That's because he just turned 8. We are so lucky to have him in our family. Stay tuned for a whole blog post dedicated to the greatest 8 year old on earth!


Treo Sanders said...

Im glad you are getting settled in some what. You're kids are darling and looks like you're enjoying the heat. Jaylee has that little yellow dress too. So stinkin cute. Wish we were closer so they could be BFF's.

Janee said...

I know it's not as HOT as Mesa! Hehe! Glad to hear your move and everything went well and that you're getting settled in...the kids look beautiful as always :)

Mike and Amie said...

AAAHHHH! I'm feeling saudades!!! It is a Portuguese word for the aches in my heart and all the feelings of missing a dear one that just can't really be described except for in Portuguese. So I'm sending beijos! XX
I am looking forward to your Gage post!! Yeah!! ( I think I just sounded like Megan Seltopher with the yeah thing! Ha!)

Angie said...

Glad you are enjoying your new home, but even more glad that you blog about it so I still get to see your cute kids and know what's going on with you guys! You are missed here!

Chet and Jory said...

I love Presley's blue tube top! I love little girls clothes and accessory's. Gage is a flipping stud! I am glad you guys are loving Texas. If I were to live outside of Utah I would love to go to Texas!