Friday, July 09, 2010

Carlsbad, NM

A few weeks ago we took a little trip to Carlsbad, NM. Carlsbad has some of the oldest and most famous cave systems in the world. The caves were HUGE! The boys of course loved it. I couldn't help laugh at everything they said.

"Do you think this is were the Holy Grail is?" (Indiana Jones)

"I think Gollum used to live here" (Lord of the Rings)

"I think I saw the Crystal Skull" (Indiana Jones)

Its true my kids watch too much TV. Don't judge!


Mac & Jesi said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I can't believe how big Presley is getting. They are all so cute!

Jamie said...

So fun! I love that pic of you and Pres!

Jamie said...
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she wears flowers said...

How fun--it kind of looks hot though--even though you are in dark caves!!

Ashley said...

What a darling little family and Presley is getting so big!! You guys look great!! Hope all is well!

schroed2 said...

Okay Brittni, the picture of the whole family will work for Ken's master piece even though it does not show Adam as handsome as he is. I just realized that he didn't have his goatee this week-end. Enjoyed our short stay. Sorry that I didn't have much energy. Getting old!!!