Thursday, June 26, 2008

Splash Park

We went to the Splash Park with some friends today. The boys had a blast!


Jean Smith Photography said...

wait a this the same splash park you are supposed to be going with us on splash park jumper...

Mike and Amie said...

So fun! You are so good at getting great shots!
And your boys are darling!!
See you tomorrow!

Sim Family said...

Brittni...Happy Birthday tomorrow (i think) I love checking you blog and I do it often...I am just bad at leaving comments. I am trying to be better. Anyways hope you have a great day and get spoiled rotten. Hopefully one day we can meet up. I would love to see you Amber

D/D M/M said...

Hi Brittni,
I have thought and thought all day about what I could give a girl who has everything - looks, good body, talent, wonderful children and the most wonderful handsome husband and was smart to marry into a most interesting family. Anyway, I decided that since you have so many friends on this blog that I would tell them all what your mother-in-law really thinks of you.
I cannot not tell you how happy
Don and I are that you married Adam. We are so grateful for you. You know what they say a women can make or break a man and you have really made Adam (except for the pink shirts).
Don and I love the way you are raising the boys(except for the pink shirts). You are teaching them something that will be so valuable in their lives and that is the joy of service.
You have added so much to our family and we are all better for it.
We love you. Thanks for being all that you are. What we have written is just a small part of how we feel about you. Even though we love you I will not leave me jewelry to you - I promise.

Happy Birthday.

Paige ~ Nate ~ Kaiden said...

Your boys are too cute! I love all your pictures, what a fun birthday party...looks like little boys dream to have a food fight!