Monday, June 23, 2008

Teaching My Boys

(Gage telling me to only take 5 more pictures)

People are constantly giving me a hard time about my impeccable sense of style when it come to the boys. Just to name a few Talon's faux-hawk, Gage's mo-hawk (a personal favorite) and their numerous PINK shirts. As of recently, I have had to teach Gage a lesson in fashion when it come to defending his ever so stylish 6 year old look. The lesson being:


So if you see my little stud sporting a pink shirt be fore warned.


Ashley said...

Brit I could not agree more! Your boys always look so cute! My husband is always getting crap for wearing pink but I love it! I already bought Ty a pink shirt and I can't wait for him to wear it!

Lacey said...

That's right!

Katie and Tim Zack said...

Your family is adorable! Thanks for inviting me out tonight! I had fun, I really needed some girl time. Hope to play more!

Klavers from MI said...

Yes indeed......REAL men wear pink. Ya gotta be how you were made to be! Keep on enjoying the little fashionplates!!

Thank you again for the photos. They are some of our FAVORITE ones ever!!


Lainey-Paney said...

so cute.

...we have a son named Gage too!
clearly, you've got great taste in names too.

Dahl Family said...

Brit I just stumbled onto your blog. I love it. I have to explain the concept of boys in pink to Nathan constantly.

Mike and Amie said...

Think Pink! Both Mike and Jake sport pink and love it! I love it! And your boys are very "fashion forward" thank to their "in style" parents! You two are the dynamic duo!

Jimi said...

You have to train your boys from the get go in the fashion department, otherwise they will be a lost cause! Plus it's just as fun to dress up little boys as it is little girls!